2021 Vendor Policies

This information is for 2021 season vendors in accordance with guidelines on COVID-19. All vendors are required to sign a waiver and abide by these rules.

  • Each vendor brings their own tent, tables, etc.
  • Each vendor booth 3 to 6 feet from next vendor booth.
  • A rope barrier is required to prevent customers from entering the 10 x 10 booth space
  • Face masks must be worn by all vendors at all times.
  • If you use gloves, wash or sanitize your hands before and after. (proper use of gloves necessary)
  • Provide pre-order options for quick movement of customers, as much as possible.
  • Wash and/or sanitize hands as often as possible.
  • Pre-pack all items in new bags or new containers.
  • Provide jar or box for cash and check placement And strongly encourage electronic payments
  • Have signs clearly stating your policies and preferences re: payments and purchasing protocol and very clearly stating price and amount, if needed, of all items for sale.
  • If you feel sick at all or have a temperature, do not come. There will be no penalties for last minute cancellations due to potential illness.
  • Children must be kept within the vendor booth and supervised at all times
  • Vendors can not bring pets or any animals to the market
  • Each participating vendor will sign a waiver acknowledging covid precautions and rules