Current Vendor Information

2022 Vendor Info

The following vendors are continuing their production and will have products available for purchase over the coming weeks. Please see each vendor’s info for product availability and ordering info.

This is not a complete list, check back for updates!

Full Vendors (attend most weeks)

Asimina Acres

  • Madison Marra
  • We are a small scale veganic, no-till farm, offering a variety of products, including: seeds saved from our farm, sprouts and microgreens, foraged foods, other produce, and possibly dried beans and grains later in the year. We accept all forms of payment.

Common Ground Farm

  • Jim Stockwell
  • 828-675-5448
  • Will have lots of plant starts, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, parseley, kale,Bachelor Buttons, and other flowers and herbs. Slow on the produce.
  • Will update as the time draws near.

Edwards Farms

  • Jim and Shirlyn Edwards
  • (828)208-1078
  • We’ll accept orders via text or email.
  • We can post what we have available, price, and pick up either at Tractor or at the Market.

Five Pine Farm

  • Henry Payne and Jackie Mobley
  • Website
  • We will be emailing weekly updates on produce availability and also listing produce on our website, with an updated inventory – our store isn’t currently up yet but we are working it. We are hoping to allow customers an opportunity to pay online if they prefer, via paypal, venmo, or credit/debit card. We may offer delivery options, pickup from the farm and a pick up site in Burnsville. Details to be determined.

Fun Frolic Farm

  • Christina Gordon
  • 770-893-1616
  • Website
  • Offering our Goat and Cow Cheese, a full line of Goat Milk Soap, Lotion and bath and body products!
  • You can order any of our products for pickup at Yancey County Farmer’s Market on Saturday from our website. We also offer on-farm pick ups by appointment.
  • We offer on-farm pick ups by appointment.

Green Mountain Plant Company

  • Green Mountain Plant Company
  • Danny Carmeli & Alex LaValliere
  • Green Mountain Plant Company is a local nursery specializing in plants for food production. We grow vegetable starts, herbs, perennial edibles, fruit and nut trees, and more, with the goal of helping people create abundant edible gardens on any scale. Everything is grown using organic practices with responsible land & resource management in mind. For weekly updates on availability and events, you can subscribe to our newsletter by emailing us!

Little Half Acre

  • Jackie Wall
  • 252-675-9989, text or call
  • Selling produce and microgreens using organic, bio-dynamic practices. Offering at market and pre-order sales via email. Accepting cash, checks and PayPal

La Petite Baking Co.

Mary Dale Growers

  • Vicky 904-377-4191 annuals and perennials
  • Mary 828-284-5406 vegetable starts and herbs
  • Patrons may also call or text to arrange a pick up.

MiLo Acres

  • Lori and Michael Osada
  • Website
  • 828-275-0327
  • We will be posting on Facebook and updating our website. Possibly selling through TRACTOR.

Pink Boot Farms

  • Lynn Pearson
  • 828-536-0999
  • Offering baked goods, canned goods and soup with rustic bread meal.
  • Orders must be received by 12:00 PM on Thursday for Saturday Pick-Up at Pink Boot Farms in Pensacola between 10:00-11:00am. Logistics will be advised. Delivery may be possible.

Redfox Creations

Root Down Farm

  • Ben and Brianne Holt owners
  • 707-806-9191
  • instagram/Facebook: @rootdownfarmnc
  • We offer farm fresh food cooked to order from our homestead as well as local farmers @ the market.  We use local meat and produce to make market/seasonally inspired  food. We also can offer catering services outside of operating @ the market

Day Vendors (attend as available)

Blue Ridge Chaga Connection

  • Kevin Krzyzaniak
  • Website
  • (828)423-3875
  • I offer wild foraged medicinal mushroom products such as chaga, reishi, lions mane, turkey tail and more. I also sell fresh wild mushrooms in season. I accept all forms of payments, cash, credit card, paypal, venmo, or sometimes checks. I ship anywhere in the US for a flat rate through the USPS, deliver if local to the Asheville area or meet up with folks. I also offer mushroom and plant ID tours.

Laughing River Farm

  • Barry Cooper & Sarah Bivins
  • 713-501-1048
  • Website (not frequently updated)
  • organically grown eggs and produce, culinary mushrooms, herbs, vegetable and nursery starts and plans.  We accept payments in cash, credit cards and paypal.

Vendor Set up Instructions

The instructions below are intended to clarify how we set up each week for market.

  • View the Vendor Set Up Instructions – what time, where, and how of Saturday morning market setup and takedown.
  • Canopy Safety 101 – safety tips and tricks for weighting your tent, and keeping your tent area as safe as possible for you and your customers. (Thank you to the Washington State Farmers’ Market Association for this thorough publication.)

If you have any questions about your location, or to update your contact information please email the Market Manager, Cheri Lee