Annual Meeting Feb 4

amtgThe YCFM Annual Meeting will be held at Burnsville Town Center (location of Winter Market) on Saturday, February 4th at 10AM.

The Board of Directors has made some changes to the Bylaws and we will be voting to amend them for 2017, as well as vote on board positions.

ALL MEMBERS need to complete an information form and return to the Market Manager.

Information Update Form (Microsoft Word) (PDF Format File)

Call for nominations for Board of Directors:

We will be voting in a new Board Member at Large in at the Annual Meeting. If you would like to nominate someone for a Board position, please send their name to Christina Gordon, Secretary, NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 1ST. NEW NOMINATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED THE DAY OF ANNUAL MEETING. We will be sending the agenda and a list of nominees for all members to review before the meeting so you can prepare your vote.

Yes, you can nominate yourself or any standing member for any seat on the Board as well!